Cadenas - 'Niño Solitario/Rock Para Janis' 7" RE (Heavy Spanish 70s)


**All copies have a slight corner ding on the cover**

Import from new and very promising label, Yunque Records (Spain). Unfortunately not cheap to get, but we still sell them for less than almost any distro online.

"Cadenas was one of the first heavy rock bands in Argentina back in 1969, along with El Reloj. This band from Rosario played live with such bands as Pappo's Blues or Pescado Rabioso and also was part of B.A. Rock Festival's lineup in 1972. 'Niño Solitario/Rock Para Janis' is the only recording they left us, now reissued for the very first time. These two devastating songs perfectly show the power of Argentine heavy rock in the early '70s, with a spectacular voice and an overwhelming rhythm section. The recording was done in the famous ION studios in Buenos Aires back in 1973, in just one take with later added voices, and collects all the power that the band transmitted playing live. A piece of Argentine rock history finally reissued that no heavy rock lover will want to miss."