V/A - Singapore Nuggets. The Ladies LP (All Female 60s Garage from Singapore!)


Another killer imported comp from beyond!

During the 60’s and early 70’s, Singapore had one of most vibrant and interesting music scenes in Asia and even the world, and this compilation presents undeniable proof of it. Focusing exclusively on the female presence on the scene (be it as solo singers, backed by other bands or as band leaders) “Singapore Nuggets. The Ladies”, presents such and amazing collection of songs many will be shocked by the sheer genius of this ladies. Ranging from Naive Pop to Fuzzed out Garage (and more!) all within the confines of Pop Yeh Yeh, the fresh, colorful, local sound of 60’s Singapore in which western influences, Chinese, Arabic and Indian sounds were mixed by the locals to create a wonderfully idiosyncratic style. A must!

A01 Chew Yan And The Stylers – Mimi Cat
A02 Lim Ling & Silvertones – Forget but Can-t Forget You
A03 Grace Lee and the stylers – Each and every flower
A04 Violet Tang & Saints – You Are My Happiness
A05 Rita Chao & Quests – The Boy Next Door
A06 Sakura – Come On To My House
A07 Naomi & The Boys Bad Loser
B01 Linda Yong And The Silvertones – Happy Lunar New Year
B02 Patrina w Maurice Patton & Melodians – Lipstick On Your Collar
B03 Liu Hui Yun
B04 Evey Lyn & The Siglap Five – Tell Me If It’s True
B05 Teresa Khoo & Her Five Notes – You Don’t Know Baby
B06 Doris Ang & The Sandboys – Yummy Yummy Yummy
B07 Shang Guan Su Shen – Walking in the Sunshine

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