Cold Touch - 'Ride to Live, Live to Ride' LP (Purple Vinyl Only)


- Buried in a Californian basement, and sealed by time and dust, comes the never-before-released full length by COLD TOUCH. Ride to Live, Live to Ride is a tight mix of all pre-cursors to Punk and Heavy Metal. Hard driving rock n’ roll made in the shadow of the strip. Outsider rock. Dust-huffing anthems, tales of outlaw bikers, and lovesick crooners. Only to ever be captured before on a mysterious and expensive acetate that circulated the web via an obscure blog. Officially sourced and professionally restored with demos and alternate versions of all unreleased material. Limited to 500 copies on both black (300 copies) and purple vinyl (200 copies). Fans of Bonehead Crunchers, Killed by Death, and Wayfaring Strangers compilations should not miss this record!

*Black Vinyl is SOLD OUT*