Ricochet 'Double B Side' 7" RE (Rare NWOBHM)


-Aside from the usual metallic-fetishism thats assosciated with the NWOBHM era, its important to remember what was most striking about the movement at it’s core. This was the British blend between all things punk, power pop, new wave, glam, and most imporantly, rock n’ roll. A seminal time in which bands in the UK were relentless in their DIY approach. Some exceeded the boundaries creating precursors to thrash and pushing the staples further into the fold of heavy metal. Yet others seemed to conjure great pop melodies that still appealed to headbangers worldwide. RICOCHET were a Birmingham incarnation that did just that. A true double-sider of a single that pounds as heavy in 2020 as it did in 1980. Save yourself the grief of a $250 original. Own the official ressiue for less than $10. Limited to 500.