OVERDÖSE - Two Wheels and Gone LP (Gold & Black)


*FIRST 100 copies are SOLD OUT. They are pictured, but don't expect all the extras included in that version when ordering a regular 'gold vinyl' copy.

After two previously sold-out singles comes the long-awaited debut full-length from NYC’s purveyors of rock n’ roll. Featuring members of both Speedwolf and Mutilation Rites, Overdose focuses in a new direction for all members invovled. Harkening back to the golden age of hard rock and heavy metal as if listeners unearthed a slab from a 70s time capsule. Timeless trash with class while standing at the altar of Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, and Venom. Not just another carbon copy or boorish aesthetic cosplay. Genuine attitude down to its core in service to the gods of old.

Limited to 800 copies worldwide. 3 versions available...
-First 100 gold vinyl copies come with Obi strip, double sided insert, and bumper sticker --first come first serve
-Following the first 100, 200 gold vinyl copies come with an insert
-600 copies on black vinyl (no insert or extras)